Commit d76e03fe authored by Philipp Fensch's avatar Philipp Fensch
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Changed Commit-Hashes after Rebase

Signed-off-by: Philipp Fensch's avatarPhilipp Fensch <>
parent 7971041f
......@@ -2184,9 +2184,9 @@ Former-commit-id: ab23bcf699a914eb703dbcd7d5416f141c970e0b
I, Philipp Fensch hereby sign-off-by all of my past commits to this repo subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), Version 1.1. In the past I have used emails:
bdb43538965172d06ed4b9e976487e41b4ad8bb9 WIP: MNASolverGpuSparse class
3f987c997d6f69f1752dad4bc59fc3d0c3fbad0d Adjusted CMake-Files
e3d7d8e8f39a0c296069d604880b397928b59176 Refactoring for sparse solver
9be4d26cf7544edaa73fe2255e6ee4abacbccb22 WIP: MNASolverGpuSparse class
74efba3eeeccb90e3e9ab383adf7a9487a2d6c7c Adjusted CMake-Files
8e4eb83a3f3b6535f3c78a334103ad875fa1d7dd Refactoring for sparse solver
93bb3631832565468ca71c930a986b71452cfaa9 Added wrapper (SparseMatrixRow -> Matrix) for mnaApplySystemMatrixStamp()
db688d10606a5c9411487071892180ca8aa89da8 Added option for using sparse matrices in MNA-Solver
2bc5b080757305fd73d3ff056bb9b79bb2cdada2 Removed nullptr-check, reverted erroneous change in FindCIMpp.cmake
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