Commit d5547015 authored by Felix Wege's avatar Felix Wege Committed by Markus Mirz
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sign-off past commits

Signed-off-by: Felix Wege's avatarFelix Wege <>
parent 06347d78
......@@ -2171,3 +2171,13 @@ fixes #116 and #171
4df467e14df7bb12c0da1dac7f370fe792eb1bfc use correct minimum cmake version (3.13 instead of 3.12) because Policy CMP0076 requires 3.13 (
d35e02d2e14939f1e85573f01a4cd9d572a507a6 cuda: use different cache key for build with and without cuda
f80a1efb52d7cb2cdbe95bdd09831bbc4042d3bc cuda: make CI build with CUDA. Add new CI target that builds dpsim with CUDA support. We have no GPUs in the runners so we need a separate target. Add CUDA dependencies to
I, Felix Wege hereby sign-off-by all of my past commits to this repo subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), Version 1.1. In the past I have used emails:
08666bb721cf9301851a2317b1d58a0bb8b7c5f7 use only syncStart interfaces for sync with remote
bf0424437c0add245351e40789f0a770b305883c made all power components set parametersSet flag
Former-commit-id: 63ec8a7e63ddb1eb44a110aa9994ff9020029366
23da7fb85d4311e4a2361e79e946cad395738fa6 added setParameters flag
Former-commit-id: 379267e96c0060d1414db312e0134ef5e7d3da2b
b4ce6808d0c316b41011469b9d6573b4743c2167 added setParameters function and new constructor
Former-commit-id: ab23bcf699a914eb703dbcd7d5416f141c970e0b
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