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Commit d1d8e71e authored by Niklas Eiling's avatar Niklas Eiling
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add parameter to MnaSolver which allows chosing between solver implementation...

add parameter to MnaSolver which allows chosing between solver implementation (GPU/Eigen, Dense/Sparse) at runtime rather than only allowing this at compile time.
Signed-off-by: Niklas Eiling's avatarNiklas Eiling <>
parent f88d07d5
......@@ -38,6 +38,15 @@
namespace DPsim {
/// \brief The implementations of the MNA solvers MnaSolver can support.
enum MnaSolverImpl {
/// Solver class using Modified Nodal Analysis (MNA).
template <typename VarType>
class MnaSolver : public Solver, public CPS::AttributeList {
......@@ -64,6 +73,11 @@ namespace DPsim {
/// List of simulation nodes
typename CPS::SimNode<VarType>::List mNodes;
/// MNA implementations supported by this compilation
static const std::vector<MnaSolverImpl> mSupportedSolverImpls;
/// MNA implementation chosen for this instance
MnaSolverImpl mSolverImpl;
// #### MNA specific attributes ####
/// List of MNA components with static stamp into system matrix
CPS::MNAInterface::List mMNAComponents;
......@@ -155,9 +169,11 @@ namespace DPsim {
/// Constructor should not be called by users but by Simulation
/// sovlerImpl: choose the most advanced solver implementation available by default
MnaSolver(String name,
CPS::Domain domain = CPS::Domain::DP,
CPS::Logger::Level logLevel = CPS::Logger::Level::info);
CPS::Logger::Level logLevel = CPS::Logger::Level::info,
MnaSolverImpl solverImpl = *mSupportedSolverImpls.end());
/// Destructor
virtual ~MnaSolver() { };
......@@ -16,8 +16,22 @@ using namespace CPS;
namespace DPsim {
template <typename VarType>
MnaSolver<VarType>::MnaSolver(String name, CPS::Domain domain, CPS::Logger::Level logLevel) :
Solver(name, logLevel), mDomain(domain) {
const std::vector<MnaSolverImpl> MnaSolver<VarType>::mSupportedSolverImpls = {
#endif //WITH_SPARSE
#ifdef WITH_CUDA
#endif //WITH_SPARSE
#endif //WITH_CUDA
template <typename VarType>
MnaSolver<VarType>::MnaSolver(String name, CPS::Domain domain, CPS::Logger::Level logLevel, MnaSolverImpl solverImpl) :
Solver(name, logLevel), mDomain(domain), mSolverImpl(solverImpl) {
// Raw source and solution vector logging
mLeftVectorLog = std::make_shared<DataLogger>(name + "_LeftVector", logLevel != CPS::Logger::Level::off);
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