Commit a5560a57 authored by Steffen Vogel's avatar Steffen Vogel 🎅🏼 Committed by Markus Mirz
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cmake: use cmake_dependent_option() to avoid caching issues

parent 7334b2ad
...@@ -80,17 +80,19 @@ if("${CMAKE_SYSTEM}" MATCHES "Linux") ...@@ -80,17 +80,19 @@ if("${CMAKE_SYSTEM}" MATCHES "Linux")
endif() endif()
# Options # Options
option(BUILD_SHARED_LIBS "Build shared library" OFF) option(BUILD_SHARED_LIBS "Build shared library" OFF)
option(BUILD_EXAMPLES "Build C++ examples" ON) option(BUILD_EXAMPLES "Build C++ examples" ON)
option(COMPARE_REFERENCE "Download reference results and compare" OFF) option(COMPARE_REFERENCE "Download reference results and compare" OFF)
option(WITH_GSL "Enable GSL" ${GSL_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_GSL "Enable GSL" ON "GSL_FOUND" OFF)
option(WITH_SUNDIALS "Enable sundials solver suite" ${Sundials_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_SUNDIALS "Enable sundials solver suite" ON "Sundials_FOUND" OFF)
option(WITH_SHMEM "Enable shared memory interface" ${VILLASnode_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_SHMEM "Enable shared memory interface" ON "VILLASnode_FOUND" OFF)
option(WITH_RT "Enable real-time features" ${Linux_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_RT "Enable real-time features" ON "Linux_FOUND" OFF)
option(WITH_PYTHON "Enable Python support" ${Python_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_PYTHON "Enable Python support" ON "Python_FOUND" OFF)
option(WITH_CIM "Enable support for parsing CIM files" ${CIMpp_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_CIM "Enable support for parsing CIM files" ON "CIMpp_FOUND" OFF)
option(WITH_OPENMP "Enable OpenMP-based parallelisation" ${OPENMP_FOUND}) cmake_dependent_option(WITH_OPENMP "Enable OpenMP-based parallelisation" ON "OPENMP_FOUND" OFF)
configure_file( configure_file(
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