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......@@ -35,35 +35,24 @@ int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
// Nodes
auto n1 = Node::make("n1");
auto n2 = Node::make("n2");
auto n3 = Node::make("n3");
// Components
auto vin = VoltageSource::make("v_in");
auto r1 = Resistor::make("r_1");
auto r2 = Resistor::make("r_2");
auto r3 = Resistor::make("r_3");
auto vs = VoltageSource::make("v_1");
vs->setParameters(Complex(10, 0), 50);
auto r = Resistor::make("r_1");
// Topology
vin->connect({ n1, n2 });
r1->connect({ n1, Node::GND });
r2->connect({ n2, Node::GND });
r3->connect({ n2, Node::GND });
vs->connect({Node::GND, n1});
r->connect({n1, Node::GND});
// Define system topology
SystemTopology system(50, SystemNodeList{n1, n2, n3, Node::GND}, SystemComponentList{vin, r1, r2, r3});
auto sys = SystemTopology(50, SystemNodeList{n1}, SystemComponentList{vs, r});
// Logging
auto logger = DataLogger::make(simName);
logger->addAttribute("v1", n1->attribute("v"));
logger->addAttribute("v2", n2->attribute("v"));
logger->addAttribute("v3", n3->attribute("v"));
Simulation sim(simName, system, timeStep, finalTime, Domain::EMT);
Simulation sim(simName, sys, timeStep, finalTime, Domain::EMT);
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