Commit 6a6b342c authored by Markus Mirz's avatar Markus Mirz
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add cps dependencies

parent 6e63e2d9
......@@ -4,3 +4,12 @@
[submodule "Examples/CIM/grid-data"]
path = Examples/CIM/grid-data
url = ../../grid-data/cim-grid-data.git
[submodule ".\\Dependencies\\eigen"]
path = .\\Dependencies\\eigen
url =
[submodule ".\\Dependencies\\libcimpp"]
path = .\\Dependencies\\libcimpp
url =
[submodule ".\\Dependencies\\spdlog"]
path = .\\Dependencies\\spdlog
url =
eigen @ 22cb9414
Subproject commit 22cb9414cb0c65b042717c5ccc5aee4c0cdf95c6
libcimpp @ a00d674b
Subproject commit a00d674b04d3b67e5fec1da2730ff42b345f6d6b
spdlog @ 1aa9ea92
Subproject commit 1aa9ea92e20142a1ce2f2e1ac40ed1fa781fac19
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