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## Tasks
- Sychronous generator model interfaced through current source
- connect with CIM parser
- include boost library for additional math functions and general tasks
## Setup
## Build
Make sure that all subrepos (CIM-XML-Parser and arabica) are checked out.
### Windows
TODO: build with Python under Windows?
1. Install Visual Studio 2017 C++ Desktop development package plus Windows 8.1 SDK
2. Create a new folder name `Libraries` in the repository root, download [Eigen]( and copy it to `Libraries/eigen`.
3. Install [CMake](, use its GUI (with `Source` as the source path) to create project files for Visual Studio.
......@@ -29,6 +26,12 @@ $ cd Source/build
$ cmake ..
$ make
4. Install the generated module:
# make install
Another option is to manually rename the generated module (from Source/build/
to and ensure that is in somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.
## Basic git commands
* initial download: git clone [url]
......@@ -37,9 +40,3 @@ $ make
* add modification or new file to commit: git add --all OR git add [filename]
* create commit: git commit -m 'your comment'
* push commits from local repo to server: git push
## Netlist structure
* **separate items with comma and end line with comma**
* see examples and store new netlist files in DPSolver/netlists
* first line: time step, final time e.g. 0.001,0.1,
* following lines: class name, component name, node1, node2, paramter1, parameter2... e.g. Resistor,R1,0,1,10
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