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3. Install [CMake](, use its GUI (with `Source` as the source path) to create project files for Visual Studio.
4. Use Visual Studio to build the project.
#### Linux
### Linux
1. Make sure that Eigen, libxml2 (including development headers) and cmake are installed, e.g. using your distro's package manager.
2. Build and install libvillas-ext from [VILLASnode](
$ make
# make install
# make install-libvillas-ext
There are also RPMs available for Fedora:
$ wget
# mv villas.repo /etc/yum.repos.d
# dnf -y install villas-node-devel
3. Generate a makefile with CMake and use it to build the project:
......@@ -33,10 +39,10 @@ $ make
Another option is to manually rename the generated module (from Source/build/
to and ensure that is in somewhere in your PYTHONPATH.
## Basic git commands
* initial download: git clone [url]
* download newest version: git pull
* see changed files: git status
* add modification or new file to commit: git add --all OR git add [filename]
* create commit: git commit -m 'your comment'
* push commits from local repo to server: git push
## Documentation
Install [sphinx](, either from your
Linux distribution's repo or [manually](
on Windows. Then, execute `make html` in the Documentation folder to generate
the Python API documentation. Since sphinx generates the documentation by importing
the `dpsim` module, make sure it is properly installed or adjust your `PYTHONPATH` accordingly.
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