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sign-off past commits

Signed-off-by: Niklas Eiling's avatarNiklas Eiling <>
parent c0694bfc
......@@ -2123,3 +2123,51 @@ Former-commit-id: 429f2eb74d44f78dacbb8ee474e6e4777afb7e94
Former-commit-id: 6edc529f5e0bbb2956583aac47a54920705b3f89
e3b49c18586863d9f90088b3fbaaf3f6315f3315 added source and docu
Former-commit-id: 3a76cf8cb488b64f434f9c7dce5654fba911c336
I, Niklas Eiling hereby sign-off-by all of my past commits to this repo subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), Version 1.1. In the past I have used emails:
a1992f5d820088a31ada6d0d4048c52c248f3d53 CI: Update cricket repository URL
fdbd51d88cfa0c093814f456421a2d32536c8c9d CI: fix remote gpu execution not killing the correct server binary
instead of always calling kill on test_kernel, we now call kill on the correct binary as set in an inheriting CI job.
3948a4aaedda61fa912ab3364dc0f247e27a6110 CI: add profiling to gitlab ci
194520fa5d63de6ef8108bfdcdf1fe65c55f428d add profiling option to CMakeLists.txt
to use it call cmake with -DWITH_PROFILING=ON
2a7922f894e193d250842be719efded24dca0c32 make DPsim support clang for compilation
Add the override keyword to all overridden methods. Add implementation for original function when overloading a virtual function. Add minor other tweaks to make clang happy
531847a87e9c46e47afa92fdb899496982b5c768 fix buffer overflow in SystemTopology.cpp
eeef7b7a5ad23bf878deb29c28e194b44cfa9a20 rename log to mLog in Simulation class
971201170fd3ffca5e69ff7cb5cfdace4e5b0855 make DPsim support clang for compilation
Add the override keyword to all overridden methods. Add implementation for original function when overloading a virtual function. Add minor other tweaks to make clang happy
5b1bb131f0091d2c2a90acb90a7f0ce0722b7bcc fix complex assignment in DP_Ph1_Inverter
fixes two "implicit conversion from _Complex double to double is not permitted in C++" error
166f730693a01c8fa6d9137b8cf3384ba84ea140 Make logger inititalizations use new cli loglevel parameter
Simulation, PFSolver, TopologicalPowerComp and TopologicalSignalComp all now also log to stderr by default.
Enable logging in CIGRE_MV_PowerFlowTest.
2e0c9eca8552a147eb9ce6d3c0d68abffef42272 make WSCC_9bus honor the -l cli parameter
a9c51888a42b7e1fb838cfccb0566bfffbaaf292 make default cli log level Level::off
This avoids the changes to the logger class affecting code that has not yet been adapted
e39bcc3110b7d88d880650434a42699338e11543 make CPS::Logger log to stderr and file simulatneously
add both sinks to the CPS::Logger so logging behavior is configured separately from where logging occurs.
Use a single CPS::Logger instace in DPsim::Simulation
9fd4885b5e05780c075fffd6a2222c1d33fc2eb2 fix slow stamping of system matrix and source vector
only convert matrix and vector to string if they are actually logged. Additionally set matrix and vector output to log level "trace".
This reduces the runtime of the solver initialization by >99% for larger system matrices, e.g., the 9-bus-coupled example.
1b2644f449888e56d25bfd44168b1b41ea001a70 remove CUDA dependencies from fedora Dockerfile so we only build CUDA when using the dev-centos Dockerfile
365d88dec1928147441840c484654dd939b9a00d CI: make access to GPU host more secure
baf12f28573395fce9ca0a9a6c6e3f280a16a002 CI: Cleanup of gitlab-ci.yml. Checkout cricket 1.0 in centos Dockerfile for reproducibility
759d5650c56217e9ab3f3fbda1482897f3f6e79e CI: cleanup the GPU related part of .gitlab-ci.yml
c1d9ddc651e0f85c24fb3f0937cd31f7c17f8a61 CI: add that builds dpsim on centos instead of fedora
this is currently necessary for remote gpu execution
ac358af3a5d8c74ccd8079b3ad5f43c68ddd3135 CI: prepare remote execution of CUDA in the CI
cmake now links CUDA applications dynamically to the runtime API
all cricket dependencies and cricket itself are now installed in
add new targets to .gitlab-ci.yml for CUDA tests
4416b48de7c697509cb54be94e380faf355be169 require only cmake 3.11 and make policies requiring a newer version optional
e7aba8d4b4ad52d73c274788a4a1929eea420e70 MNASolver: Increase maximum switch number to theoretical limit
The bitset size for the switch state is now sizeof(std::size_t)*8.
Replace some occurences of UInt with the larger std:size_t and get
rid of std::pow calls.
fixes #116 and #171
4df467e14df7bb12c0da1dac7f370fe792eb1bfc use correct minimum cmake version (3.13 instead of 3.12) because Policy CMP0076 requires 3.13 (
d35e02d2e14939f1e85573f01a4cd9d572a507a6 cuda: use different cache key for build with and without cuda
f80a1efb52d7cb2cdbe95bdd09831bbc4042d3bc cuda: make CI build with CUDA. Add new CI target that builds dpsim with CUDA support. We have no GPUs in the runners so we need a separate target. Add CUDA dependencies to
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