Commit 02c18362 authored by Markus Mirz's avatar Markus Mirz
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do not capture in pytest

parent bd0ea5c6
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ test:pytest:
PYTHONPATH: "build/Source/Python:Source/Python"
- pytest -v
- pytest -sv
- build:linux
  • Hi @markus.mirz

    I don't understand how this would fix the failing tests?

  • This is just to get more output in case something fails. I am working on the problem. At least, I can already replicate it on my computer if I use the newest Dockerfile.

  • What is really annoying about the pytest is that you never know which test is causing the problem when it crashes like this during the collection stage.

  • @stvogel Maybe it would be better to run the C++ tests first using e.g. and then if these are successful we run the pytests.

  • The crashes most likely happened in the intialization of the DPsim Python bindings... The means we will most likely not see them in separate C++ tests :( Thats hard to debug.

    I will checkout googletest. So far I've been using Criterion in VILLAS

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