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      Merge pull request #117 from sogno-platform/reduced_order_sgs_rebase · 333a2f5b
      Markus Mirz authored
      This PR provides further examples with reduced-order synchronous generators: a SMIB system with a load step event and the WSCC benchmark system. Besides, it includes the following:
      The logging of the indices of the variable matrix entries for reduced-order VBR models.
      The removal of the uncofigurable magnetizing reactance from the powerflow transformer model to align the model with the ones used in dynamic simulations.
      The use of the SG's initial active power from the terminals as initial mechanical input power instead of the predefined mechanical power when this value is set by means of initializeFromNodesAndTerminals.
      The reduction of the required accuracy for a time event from 1000ns to 100ns.
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