Commit e4808dcf authored by Sonja Happ's avatar Sonja Happ

update paths to protoc and swarmweb

parent 9a9a6c44
#export PATH:=$(PATH):$(shell realpath ../swarmweb/backend/bin)
#export PATH:=$(PATH):$(shell realpath ../../swarmweb/backend/bin)
.PHONY: clean help local
all: help
cluster: cpp
/global/cluster/centos/protobuf_3.3.0/bin/protoc -I=`pwd` --cpp_out=cpp `pwd`/*.proto
local: ./protoc_tools/bin/protoc cpp
./protoc_tools/bin/protoc -I=`pwd` --cpp_out=cpp `pwd`/*.proto
all: cpp
../libs/protocolbuffers/protoc -I=`pwd` --cpp_out=cpp `pwd`/*.proto
mkdir cpp
protoc_tools/bin/protoc -I=`pwd` `pwd`/*.proto --go_out=../../../swarmweb/backend/src/webui/pkg/agents_protobuf
./protoc_tools/bin/protoc: protoc_tools
cd protoc_tools && wget -q ''
cd protoc_tools && unzip -o
cd protoc_tools && rm
mkdir protoc_tools
../libs/protocolbuffers/protoc -I=`pwd` `pwd`/*.proto --go_out=../../swarmweb/backend/src/webui/pkg/agents_protobuf
$(info Use the cluster target if youre on a swarm machine, local target if youre on your machine)
$(info Use make to compile the *.proto files in this folder. Use make go to create *.go files for the *.proto files in this folder and move them to the swarmweb folder.)
rm -rf cpp
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