Commit a83d25bc authored by Sonja Happ's avatar Sonja Happ

update villasnode submodule, disable VILLASnode HOOKS

parent 425b18ac
......@@ -34,6 +34,7 @@ add_subdirectory(repasthpc/src/repast_hpc)
#villas library (as submodule)
set(WITH_HOOKS OFF CACHE BOOL "disable hooks of libvillas")
set(WITH_WEB OFF CACHE BOOL "disable web of libvillas")
set(WITH_API OFF CACHE BOOL "disable api of libvillas")
set(NO_EVENTFD 1 CACHE BOOL "do not use event file descriptors in libvillas")
Subproject commit e6cc58e4c06645faf7be59f5fe9d10f4582f3af9
Subproject commit 0d113ab715470c0f1be961cab46dcf435b0eb85f
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