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    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      utils: hardcode hugepages availability on macos · d9c4e94f
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      I have no idea if this can be safely assumed, but
      this was the situation before this PR too, so no changes there.
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      utils: parse_bool_str: Rename parameter · e675d008
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      The parameter is the value belonging to the key passed to parse_bool function.
      Renaming to make this clear.
      Previously I used name because I initially copy pasted the
      function signature.
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      utils: simplify parse_bool_str · 4f8934ca
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      Use to_ascii_lowercase to convert the value to lowercase before matching.
      This simplifies the match and also catches TRUE and other variants
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      utils: Fix formatting · 8b87a44a
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      Fix formatting errors caused by my previous commits by running rustfmt
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      Attempt to detect Hugepages support · 3c9d5c6b
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      This commit tests if `/sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled`  is present
      and parses the contents.
      If (transparent) hugepages are supported by the kernel, then they are
      enabled by default.
      If /sys/kernel/mm/transparent_hugepage/enabled is not present
      the hugepages support is assumed to be not present.
      I have no idea how the mac kernel works or exposes information, so a follow up commit
      is probably needed to add macos support.
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      hugepage: remove double negation · ad897f17
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      Simply set default to true and remove the negation.
      This way hugepages are still enabled by default,
      and HERMIT_HUGEPAGE=True delivers the expected result of enabling
      HUGEPAGES . Previously the negation inverted the selection.
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      Fix --disable-hugepages option · 665adae4
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      Adding --disable-hugepages previously set hugepages to true.
      To prevent future errors the variable name is switched from HUGEPAGE to
      DISABLE_HUGEPAGE to prevent future misunderstandings
    • Jonathan Schwender's avatar
      utils: Add parsing of true false strings · 8608b5af
      Jonathan Schwender authored
      parse_bool now additionally supports the  Strings such as "True",
      "true", "False", "false", and Yes, no and interprets these as boolean options.
      The existing numeric interpretation is also still available.
  9. 31 Dec, 2020 1 commit