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Merge #200

200: CI: Capture test output r=stlankes a=mkroening

This avoids GitHub check annotations about expected panics.

This reverts https://github.com/hermitcore/uhyve/commit/4e222b7ac023adff37b95d9e3790be4743d71f9a

Co-authored-by: Martin Kröning's avatarMartin Kröning <mkroening@posteo.net>
parents 832c11da c65b6490
......@@ -22,8 +22,8 @@ jobs:
run: rustup show
- name: Test
run: |
cargo test --lib -- --nocapture --skip test_vm
cargo test --doc -- --nocapture
cargo test --lib -- --skip test_vm
cargo test --doc
name: Build
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