Commit f90af704 authored by Stefan Lankes's avatar Stefan Lankes Committed by Stefan Lankes
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Revert "add check if the wakeup time isn't already expired"

This reverts commit 6be9da0a37f1715778b6b7ea53c641963125555f.
parent e611f21c
......@@ -437,19 +437,12 @@ fn calibrate_timer() {
pub fn set_oneshot_timer(wakeup_time: Option<u64>) {
const MINIMUM_DELAY: u64 = 1000; // in usec
if let Some(wt) = wakeup_time {
if processor::supports_tsc_deadline() {
// wt is the absolute wakeup time in microseconds based on processor::get_timer_ticks.
// We can simply multiply it by the processor frequency to get the absolute Time-Stamp Counter deadline
// (see processor::get_timer_ticks).
let current_time = processor::get_timer_ticks();
let tsc_deadline = if wt >= current_time + MINIMUM_DELAY {
wt * u64::from(processor::get_frequency())
} else {
(current_time + MINIMUM_DELAY) * u64::from(processor::get_frequency())
let tsc_deadline = wt * (u64::from(processor::get_frequency()));
// Enable the APIC Timer in TSC-Deadline Mode and let it start by writing to the respective MSR.
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