Commit f4206943 authored by Stefan Lankes's avatar Stefan Lankes Committed by Stefan Lankes
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store task (instead of the task id) in the finished task queue

- Delays the release of the task (and its stacks) until the
  context switch has been completed
parent 98dccd8a
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ pub struct PerCoreScheduler {
/// Queue of tasks, which are ready
ready_queue: PriorityTaskQueue,
/// Queue of tasks, which are finished and can be released
finished_tasks: VecDeque<TaskId>,
finished_tasks: VecDeque<Rc<RefCell<Task>>>,
/// Queue of blocked tasks, sorted by wakeup time.
blocked_tasks: BlockedTaskQueue,
/// Queues to handle incoming requests from the other cores
......@@ -335,11 +335,12 @@ impl PerCoreScheduler {
let mut result = false;
// Pop the first finished task and remove it from the TASKS list, which implicitly deallocates all associated memory.
while let Some(id) = self.finished_tasks.pop_front() {
debug!("Cleaning up task {}", id);
while let Some(finished_task) = self.finished_tasks.pop_front() {
let borrowed = finished_task.borrow();
debug!("Cleaning up task {}",;
// wakeup tasks, which are waiting for task with the identifier id
match TASKS.lock().remove(&id) {
match TASKS.lock().remove(& {
Some(mut queue) => {
while let Some(task) = queue.pop_front() {
result = true;
......@@ -422,7 +423,7 @@ impl PerCoreScheduler {
if status == TaskStatus::TaskFinished {
// Mark the finished task as invalid and add it to the finished tasks for a later cleanup.
self.current_task.borrow_mut().status = TaskStatus::TaskInvalid;
// No task is currently running.
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