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......@@ -12,17 +12,7 @@ Unikernel means, you bundle your application directly with the kernel library, s
This reduces overhead, therefore, interesting applications include virtual machines and high-performance computing.
_libhermit-rs_ is the heart of RustyHermit and is the kernel itself.
The kernel is able to run Rust applications, as well as C/C++/Go/Fortran applications.
A tutorial on how to use these programming languages on top of _libhermit-rs_ is published at [](
In case of Rust, the howto is published at [](
## Background
HermitCore was a research unikernel developed at [RWTH-Aachen]( written in C ([libhermit](
Today, the kernel is completly rewritten in [Rust](
The ownership model of Rust guarantees memory/thread-safety and enables us to eliminate many classes of bugs at compile-time.
Consequently, the use of Rust for kernel development promises less vulnerabilities in comparison to common programming languages.
The kernel is able to run [Rust]( applications, as well as [C/C++/Go/Fortran]( applications.
## Prerequisites
......@@ -52,6 +42,7 @@ cargo build -Z build-std=core,alloc,panic_abort --target x86_64-unknown-hermit-k
The resulting library then can be found in `target/x86_64-unknown-hermit-kernel/debug/`
## Controlling the number of kernel messages
_libhermit-rs_ uses the lightweight logging crate [log]( to print kernel messages.
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