fix method to handle incoming requests

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error: Could not compile `std`.

To learn more, run the command again with --verbose.
command did not execute successfully: "/src/rust/build/x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu/stage0/bin/cargo" "build" "--target" "x86_64-unknown-hermit" "-j" "32" "--release" "--features" "panic-unwind backtrace compiler-builtins-c" "--manifest-path" "/src/rust/src/libstd/Cargo.toml" "--message-format" "json"
expected success, got: exit code:
failed to run: /src/rust/build/bootstrap/debug/bootstrap install
Build completed unsuccessfully in 0:30:04
The command '/bin/sh -c cd /src/rust && ./ install' returned a non-zero code: 1
ERROR: Job failed: exit status 1