Commit c3ff5085 authored by Richard Marston's avatar Richard Marston
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Create pickle dump and submit python code for this process

parent 1f536db3
import pickle
import sys
from pathlib import Path
import cimpy
tests = Path('.').resolve().parent
example_path = tests / 'examples' / 'sampledata' / 'CIGRE_MV'
def create_pickle():
test_files = []
for file in example_path.glob('*.xml'):
print("file: ", file)
imported_result = cimpy.cim_import(test_files, 'cgmes_v2_4_15')
CGMES_object = cimpy.cimexport._get_class_attributes_with_references(imported_result, 'cgmes_v2_4_15')
pickle.dump( CGMES_object, open( 'CIGREMV_import_reference_cgmes_v2_4_15.p1', "wb" ) )
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