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CIM++ is a software project around a deserialiser library (libcimpp) for C++ objects from XML/RDF documents based on the Common Information Model (CIM) standards (i.e. IEC61970/61968/62325) for the energy sector.
The CIMpy package enables the import, modification and export of grid data in the format of XML/RDF documents based on the Common Information Model (CIM) specified by the IEC61970 standard.
The increasing complexity of ICT systems in smart grids requires a standardized data model to improve interoperability. To this aim, IEC 61970/61968/62235 specify the CIM, which defines data structures for many power system components and the relations between them. This means that CIM based software such as the CIM-to-X translators must be kept up-to date as well. First, the CIM-to-X translator has to deserialize the CIM data in the form of RDF/XML documents and present it in the form of objects, C++ objects in our specific case. To enable this with our toolchain, a CIM based data model, specified by a visual Unified Modeling Language (UML) editor, can be mapped to a compilable CIM C++ codebase. This codebase is used for the automated generation of a C++ objects deserializer library for RDF/XML documents following the UML specification. The toolchain and deserializer are implemented in the open-source project called CIM++. The deserialized C++ objects can be processed directly by another C++ program or they can be used as input to a serializer, which converts them into another data format.
The processing of grid data is based on CIM compatible Python classes. The codebase for the CIM compatible Python classes was generated in an automated way. A separate tool allows for an easy adaption of CIMpy and its underlying codebase.
It includes a toolchain for an automated generation of the CIM++ Deserializer from ontologies specified by CIM UML. Currently the CIM++ Deserializer is distributed via GitHub and the generation toolchain will follow.
The focus of CIMpy is on the support of the Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES) specified by the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E). However, the CIMpy package can readily support further as well as new CIM versions if required.
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