Commit 5de95b1f authored by Jonathan Klimt's avatar Jonathan Klimt Committed by Jonathan Klimt
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fixed failing test due to split of list

parent 835b90ca
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ def test_export_with_imported_files(sample_cimdata, tmpdir):
if item[1] in ['0', '0e+000', '0.0', '', 'false', 'None', 'list',
{'$rdf:resource': '#_32d6d32e-c3f0-43d4-8103-079a15594fc6'}]:
if isinstance(item[1], dict):
if isinstance(item[1], dict) or isinstance(item[1], list):
test_item = item
elif len(item[1].split('.')) > 1:
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