Commit c722522d authored by Jan Dinkelbach's avatar Jan Dinkelbach
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improve update measurement implementation

parent 6cd55e63
......@@ -65,11 +65,13 @@ class MeasurementSet:
for meas in self.measurements:
if meas.element.uuid == element_uuid and meas.meas_type == meas_type:
if not value_in_pu:
if meas.meas_type == MeasType.Vpmu_mag:
meas_value = meas_data / (meas.element.baseVoltage * 1000 / np.sqrt(
3)) # TODO - Fix phase-to-phase voltage problem
if not value_in_pu and (meas.meas_type == MeasType.Vpmu_mag or meas.meas_type == MeasType.V_mag):
# pu conversion assuming that meas_data from device in [V] and single-phase value, while baseVoltage from CIM in [kV] and three-phase value
meas_value = meas_data / (meas.element.baseVoltage / np.sqrt(3) * 1000)
meas.meas_value = meas_value
# measurements not already included are neither updated nor added
def read_measurements_from_file(self, powerflow_results, file_name):
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