Commit 390cc108 authored by Jan Dinkelbach's avatar Jan Dinkelbach
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Sort measurement set to provide correct order for SE algorithm, closes #12

parent d28762e3
......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ class MeasurementSet:
# measurement.meas_value = measurement.meas_value_ideal + measurement.std_dev*err_pu[index]
def getMeasurements(self, type):
def getMeasurementsOfType(self, type):
return an array with all measurements of type "type" in the array MeasurementSet.measurements.
......@@ -293,6 +293,21 @@ class MeasurementSet:
meas_real[ipmu_phase_index] = iamp * np.sin(itheta)
return meas_real
def getSortedMeasurementSet(self):
Sorts measurements in the order required by the SE algorithm
sortedMeasurementSet = MeasurementSet()
# Sort measurements in the order required by the SE algorithm
# Required order: Vmag, Pinj, Qinj, P1, Q1, P2, Q2, Imag, Vpmu_mag, Vpmu_phase, Ipmu_mag, Ipmu_phase
for type_meas in [MeasType.V_mag, MeasType.Sinj_real, MeasType.Sinj_imag, MeasType.S1_real, MeasType.S1_imag, \
MeasType.S2_real, MeasType.S2_imag, MeasType.I_mag, MeasType.Vpmu_mag, MeasType.Vpmu_phase, MeasType.Ipmu_mag, MeasType.Ipmu_phase]:
sortedMeasurementSet.measurements += self.getMeasurementsOfType(type_meas)
return sortedMeasurementSet
def getStd_Dev(self):
......@@ -37,6 +37,8 @@ def DsseCall(system, measurements, solver_type="conventional"):
Yabs_matrix = np.absolute(system.Ymatrix)
Yphase_matrix = np.angle(system.Ymatrix)
# Bring measurements in correct order for SE algorithm
measurements = measurements.getSortedMeasurementSet()
# run Estimator.
if solver_type == "conventional":
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