Aufgrund einer Störung des s3 Storage, könnten in nächster Zeit folgende GitLab Funktionen nicht zur Verfügung stehen: Container Registry, Job Artifacs,. Wir bitten um Verständnis. Es wird mit Hochdruck an der Behebung des Problems gearbeitet. Weitere Informationen zur Störung des Object Storage finden Sie hier:

This release provides some bug fixes and improvements for the 0.2.0 release:

clean up:

  • (possibly breaking): Constructor parameters renamed: submodel_, security_submodel, security in AssetAdministrationShell and type_target_type in AASReference
    (you probably used them as positional arguments, so a break is less likely)
  • (possibly breaking): abstract model classes are actually abstract (i.e. can't be instantiated)
  • (possibly breaking): Unused class DataSpecificationContent removed


  • Namespace and SupplementaryFileContainer are iterable now (#110)
  • new method remove_referable() for abstract class Namespace
  • new tutorial
  • better parallelism for CouchDB backend by using urllib3 as HTTP client library. (introduces new Python package depdency on urllib3)


  • fix for Referable.update_from() which screwed up internal referenced, e.g. when calling update() on a CouchDB-backed object (#127)
  • CouchDB backend is registered for handling couchdb(s)://-sources automatically when loading the aas.backend.couchdb module
  • fix deserialization of XML documents with empty <qualifier /> tags (which are produced by AASX Package Explorer) (#132)
  • fix Referable to update the parent Namespace when the id_short attribute is changed (#125)