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This is the second development snapshot of PyI40AAS. It includes many bug fixes and a bunch of changes and new features in comparison to version 0.1.0. Relevant changes are:

  • Feature: commit()/update() mechanism and the "source" attribute for synchronizing AAS objects with external data sources via backends
  • Feature: AASX reading/writing supports XML serialization
  • Feature: AASX writing supports writing all objects in a single part (for compatibility with AASX Package Explorer)
  • Feature: compliance check tool supports writing and checking AASX files
  • Preparations in XML and JSON adapters for the upcoming HTTP/REST interface (stripped objects)
  • Multiple Fixes for meta model to comply with the standard ("Details of the Asset Administration Shell")
  • Fix: AASX file writing/reading respects absolute URIs in File objects correctly
  • Fix: Check idShort for duplicates when changed
  • Feature: Example files written with the compliance check tool are formatted nicer

To get the new PyI40AAS package, install or upgrade it from PyPI:

pip install -U pyi40aas