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adapter.xml: break too long line

adjust indent in continuation line
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......@@ -116,7 +116,8 @@ def _construct_submodel_reference(element: ElTree.Element, failsafe: bool, **_kw
return model.AASReference(_construct_key_tuple(element, failsafe), model.Submodel)
def _construct_asset_reference(element: ElTree.Element, failsafe: bool, **_kwargs: Any) -> model.AASReference[model.Asset]:
def _construct_asset_reference(element: ElTree.Element, failsafe: bool, **_kwargs: Any)\
-> model.AASReference[model.Asset]:
return model.AASReference(_construct_key_tuple(element, failsafe), model.Asset)
......@@ -227,7 +228,7 @@ def _construct_asset_administration_shell(element: ElTree.Element, failsafe: boo
submodels = element.find(NS_AAS + "submodelRefs")
if submodels is not None:
aas.submodel = set(_objects_from_xml_elements(submodels.findall(NS_AAS + "submodelRef"),
_construct_submodel_reference, failsafe))
_construct_submodel_reference, failsafe))
views = element.find(NS_AAS + "views")
if views is not None:
for view in _objects_from_xml_elements(views.findall(NS_AAS + "view"), _construct_view, failsafe):
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