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The PyI40AAS project aims to provide an implementation of the Asset Administration Shell (AAS) for Industry 4.0 Systems, compliant
with the meta model and interface specification provided in
[the document “Details of the Asset Administration Shell” (v2.0)](
The implementation will include the data model as well as interface adapters for serving, retrieving, importing and
exporting Asset Administration Shells.
## Features
The `aas`-package provides the following features:
* Modelling of AASs as Python objects (according to DotAAS sec. 4)
* (De-)serialization of AAS objects into/from JSON and XML (according to DotAAS sec. 5)
* Reading and writing of AASX package files (according to DotAAS sec. 7)
......@@ -21,7 +17,7 @@ The `aas`-package provides the following features:
### Project Structure
The PyI40AAS package provides the Python `aas`-package with 5 submodules:
The PyI40AAS project provides the `aas` Python package with 5 submodules:
* `aas.model`: The AAS metamodel implemented in python
* `aas.adapter`: Adapters for various file formats and storage backends
......@@ -50,7 +46,7 @@ PyI40AAS requires the following Python packages to be installed for production u
### Installation
For most users, the recommended method to install is via pip:
For most users, the recommended method to install is from PyPI:
pip install pyi40aas
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