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Merge branch fix/improve_ignored_files with refs/heads/master into refs/merge-requests/36/train

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...@@ -4,8 +4,9 @@ ...@@ -4,8 +4,9 @@
/.mypy_cache/ /.mypy_cache/
/build/ /build/
/dist/ /dist/
/aas.egg-info/ /*.egg-info/
/venv/ /venv/
/.coverage /.coverage
/test/test_config.ini /test/test_config.ini
# Configurations for the unittest environment
# For customizations, please create a new file in this directory, named `test_config.ini` and add the required entries
# to that file to override the defaults defined here.
[couchdb] [couchdb]
url = http://localhost:5984 url = http://localhost:5984
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