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adapter.xml: add _str_to_bool() function

_str_to_bool() converts the strings "false" and "true" to their
respective boolean value. Any string other than "false" and "true"
will result in a ValueError.

change error message in _failsafe_construct()
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......@@ -47,6 +47,21 @@ logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
T = TypeVar("T")
def _str_to_bool(string: str) -> bool:
XML only allows "false" and "true" (case-sensitive) as valid values for a boolean.
This function checks the string and raises a ValueError if the string is neither "true" nor "false".
:param string: String representation of a boolean. ("true" or "false")
:return: The respective boolean value.
:raises ValueError: If string is neither "true" nor "false".
if string not in ("true", "false"):
raise ValueError(f"{string} is not a valid boolean! Only true and false are allowed.")
return string == "true"
def _tag_replace_namespace(tag: str, nsmap: Dict[str, str]) -> str:
Attempts to replace the namespace in front of a tag with the prefix used in the xml document.
......@@ -255,7 +270,7 @@ def _failsafe_construct(element: Optional[etree.Element], constructor: Callable[
return constructor(element, failsafe, **kwargs)
except (KeyError, ValueError) as e:
type_name = _constructor_name_to_typename(constructor)
error_message = f"Failed to convert {_element_pretty_identifier(element)} to type {type_name}!"
error_message = f"Failed to create {type_name} from {_element_pretty_identifier(element)}!"
if not failsafe:
raise type(e)(error_message) from e
error_type = type(e).__name__
......@@ -423,7 +438,7 @@ def _get_modeling_kind_kwarg(element: etree.Element) -> ModelingKindKwArg:
def _construct_key(element: etree.Element, _failsafe: bool, **_kwargs: Any) -> model.Key:
return model.Key(
_get_attrib_mandatory_mapped(element, "type", KEY_ELEMENTS_INVERSE),
_get_attrib_mandatory(element, "local").lower() == "true",
_str_to_bool(_get_attrib_mandatory(element, "local")),
_get_attrib_mandatory_mapped(element, "idType", KEY_TYPES_INVERSE)
......@@ -771,7 +786,7 @@ def _construct_relationship_element(element: etree.Element, failsafe: bool, **_k
def _construct_submodel_element_collection(element: etree.Element, failsafe: bool, **_kwargs: Any) \
-> model.SubmodelElementCollection:
ordered = _child_text_mandatory(element, NS_AAS + "ordered").lower() == "true"
ordered = _str_to_bool(_child_text_mandatory(element, NS_AAS + "ordered"))
collection_type = model.SubmodelElementCollectionOrdered if ordered else model.SubmodelElementCollectionUnordered
collection = collection_type(
_child_text_mandatory(element, NS_AAS + "idShort"),
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