Commit 4ee5c68e authored by Michael Thies's avatar Michael Thies
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adapter.aasx: Avoid double writes of supplementary files in AASXWriter

parent 9160c49a
......@@ -267,9 +267,14 @@ class AASXWriter:
:param file: filename, path, or binary file handle opened for writing
# names of aas-spec parts, used by `_write_aasx_origin_relationships()`
self._aas_part_names: List[str] = []
# name of the thumbnail part (if any)
self._thumbnail_part: Optional[str] = None
# name of the core properties part (if any)
self._properties_part: Optional[str] = None
# names and hashes of all supplementary file parts that have already been written
self._supplementary_part_names: Dict[str, Optional[bytes]] = {}
self._aas_name_friendlyfier = NameFriendlyfier()
# Open OPC package writer
......@@ -384,15 +389,23 @@ class AASXWriter:
content_type = file_store.get_content_type(file_name)
hash = file_store.get_sha256(file_name)
except KeyError:
logger.warning("Could not find file {} in file store, referenced from {}."
.format(file_name, element))
# TODO avoid double writes of same file
# Check if this supplementary file has already been written to the AASX package or has a name conflict
if self._supplementary_part_names.get(file_name) == hash:
elif file_name in self._supplementary_part_names:
# TODO failsafe mode?
raise RuntimeError("Trying to write supplementary file {} to AASX twice with different contents"
logger.debug("Writing supplementary file {} to AASX package ...".format(file_name))
with self.writer.open_part(file_name, content_type) as p:
file_store.write_file(file_name, p)
self._supplementary_part_names[file_name] = hash
# Add relationships from submodel to supplementary parts
# TODO should the relationships be added from the AAS instead?
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