Commit 492ab7ef authored by Michael Thies's avatar Michael Thies
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adapter.aasx: Skip File objects with absolute URI reference when writing supplementary files

This hasn't been as broken as reading AASX files with such File objects,
but it produced a missleading warning log message.
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......@@ -415,7 +415,9 @@ class AASXWriter:
for element in traversal.walk_submodel(submodel):
if isinstance(element, model.File):
file_name = element.value
if file_name is None:
# Skip File objects with empty value URI references that are considered to be no local file (absolute
# URIs or network-path URI references)
if file_name is None or file_name.startswith('//') or ':' in file_name.split('/')[0]:
content_type = file_store.get_content_type(file_name)
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