Commit 4e16003f authored by Hafiz Emin Kosar's avatar Hafiz Emin Kosar
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- updated submodule

- changed submodule path to relative path
- added rwth_nb installation to postBuild
parent 44c4bb33
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[submodule "rwth_nb"]
path = rwth_nb
url =
url = ../../jupyter/rwth-nb.git
jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager@1.1 jupyter-matplotlib@0.5.0
cd rwth_nb
pip install .
Subproject commit 2feb16c2b9e431311c117c10469224bc64b2edf5
Subproject commit 8fddf557559f84f7c722c49d04d9d63668bf632b
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