Commit 3f07e7b0 authored by Hafiz Emin Kosar's avatar Hafiz Emin Kosar
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- typo, repositioning

parent cf9a3f6a
......@@ -130,8 +130,8 @@ class zPlot():
self.handles['axH'].set_title('Übertragungsfunktion', fontsize='12')
self.handles['axH'].set_xlabel(r'$\rightarrow f$')
self.handles['axH'].set_ylabel(r'$\uparrow |H(f)|$ [dB]')
self.stabilitytxt = self.handles['axH'].text(-6, 0,
'Das System is nicht stabil!',
self.stabilitytxt = self.handles['axH'].text(-10, 0,
'Das System ist nicht stabil!',
fontsize=12, color='rot', visible=False, bbox=ient_wbbox)
self.handles['lineH'], = self.handles['axH'].plot(self.f, self.f)
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