Commit 862c64fc authored by Adrian C. Hinrichs's avatar Adrian C. Hinrichs

Start working on ToDo

parent 3759890e
......@@ -939,6 +939,13 @@
\newcommand{\bigexists}{\mbox{\raisebox{-2pt}[\height][\depth]{\Large $\mathsurround4pt\exists$}}}
% \end{macrocode}
% \end{macro}
% \subsubsection{ToDos}
% Utility for the Documentation of ToDos
% \begin{macro}{\todo}
% Creates a todo at the location of the command, highlighted in red.
% The ToDos will be listed after maketitle, unless the option
% |todos=nolist| or |todos=none| is specified.
% \end{macro}
% \subsection{Grading Table\label{GRADING-TABLE}}
% This Document-Class is still mainly designed for Homework, so
% it would be nice, if there was a table to write Grades into,
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