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[hwa] update docu of better sectioning commands

parent ecd0bccf
......@@ -567,8 +567,14 @@
% ~\\
% \DescribeMacro{\newproblem*} \DescribeMacro{\newsubproblem}
% \DescribeMacro{\newsubsubproblem} These commands require no argument,
% and automatically create a numbered title. The optional Argument is
% the new value for the coresponding counter.\\
% and automatically create a numbered title.
% They have two optional arguments:
% \texttt{\textbackslash{newproblem}[\#1]\{\#2\}} where \texttt{\#1}
% is the (sub(sub))problem-number and \texttt{\#2} are the
% points. If there is a number of Points assigned to a
% (sub(sub))problem, then the command will generate a box to write
% the reched number of points down next to it.\\
% Normally, |\newproblem| adds the new Created Problem to the
% grading--table (see \autoref{GRADING-TABLE}), |\newproblem*| does not
% do this.\\
......@@ -659,7 +665,8 @@
% \begin{macrocode}
\newcommand{\QNED}{\begin{flushright} \(\triangle\)
} \newcommand{\qned}{\hfill\(\triangle\)}
% \end{macrocode}
% \end{macro}
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