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Signed-off-by: Adrian C. Hinrichs's avatarAdrian C. Hinrichs <adrian.hinrichs@rwth-aachen.de>
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\definecolor{polynom-blue}{RGB}{41 98 255}
\definecolor{polynom-red}{RGB} {255 62 25}
\definecolor{polynom-green}{RGB} {143 204 20}
\definecolor{polynom-space-grey}{RGB}{21 21 21}
\definecolor{polynom-white}{RGB}{255 255 255}
\definecolor{polynom-blue-dark}{RGB}{0 39 148}
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......@@ -5,7 +5,13 @@
......@@ -213,16 +219,22 @@
\bannerpageinvert{inverted banner page!}
\begin{frame}[fragile]{Example Listing}
# This method Answers an important question
def speed(swallow):
if swallow is african:
if swallow == "african":
return 42
if swalllow is european:
if swalllow == "european":
return 24
\setbeamertemplate{empty page inver}[polynom]{}
Make the frame \lstinline{fragile}!
This theme is under active development to progressively match the
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......@@ -17,16 +17,12 @@
\subtitle{A modern, clean 16:9 beamer template}
\author{Alexander Bartolomey, Adrian C. Hinrichs}
There is some Text,
inside of a lstlisting
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