Commit fedb2ff0 authored by Benjamin Fischer's avatar Benjamin Fischer
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File2: clarified presentation of file upload progress indicator in sidebar

parent 1c8ca862
<h3><i class="fa fa-upload"></i>File Upload</h4>
<h3><i class="fa fa-upload"></i>Upload Progress</h4>
<item v-for="(i, j) in jobs" :job="j"></item>
<div class="item" :title="title">
<h4 v-show="count === 0"><i>No file selected</i></h4>
<h4 v-show="count === 1">{{names[0]}}</h4>
<h4 v-show="count > 1"><i>{{count}} files</i></h4>
<div class="probar" v-show="total">
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