Commit f8b96db7 authored by Benjamin Fischer's avatar Benjamin Fischer
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workspace: fixed timeout config for sync. RPyC requests

parent f2707f65
......@@ -197,7 +197,10 @@ def main_loop(fin, fout):
service = Service() if rpyc.version.version[0] >= 4 else Service
vispa.remote.connection = rpyc.Connection(
service, channel, {
'allow_public_attrs': True, 'allow_setattr': True, 'timeout': 300})
'allow_public_attrs': True,
'allow_setattr': True,
'sync_request_timeout': 300,
vispa.remote.log = vispa.remote.connection.root.log
vispa.remote.send = vispa.remote.connection.root.send
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