Commit ec4a25a9 authored by ThorbenQuast's avatar ThorbenQuast
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editor: fix default commands

parent d2894cdb
......@@ -41,11 +41,16 @@ var CodeEditorExtension = vispa.Extension.extend({
var CodeEditorView = vispa.ExtensionView.Center.extend({
init: function(preferences, shortcuts, path, writable = null, showOutput = true) {
init: function(preferences, shortcuts, path, writable, showOutput) {
//writable: force the editor to turn on/off read-only mode (writable -> read-only off)
//if file not writable but writable === true --> appropriate message when trying to save shows up
//showOutput: if set to false --> complete right side is hidden at first
//(loaded but not shown because css properties are simply set to appropriate values)
if (writable === undefined)
writable = null;
if (showOutput === undefined)
showOutput = true;
this._super(preferences, shortcuts);
var self = this;
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