Commit ce0c3a57 authored by Marcel Rieger's avatar Marcel Rieger
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Refine extension config merging.

parent 23c2d4bf
......@@ -300,9 +300,14 @@ class Server(object):"mount app")
app_config = self.__default_mount_config
# merge extension config into app config
for extension in self._extensions.values():
app_config["/extensions/" +] = extension.config()
# config is structured for multiple mountpoints
for mount, conf in extension.config().items():
key = "/extensions/%s%s" % (, "" if mount == "/" else mount)
app_config[key] = conf
self.__application = cherrypy.tree.mount(self.controller, script_name, app_config)
if os.path.isfile(cherrypy_conf):
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