Commit 539e6f9a authored by ThorbenQuast's avatar ThorbenQuast
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[demo] fix demo extension

parent f43265c2
......@@ -214,13 +214,12 @@ define(["vispa/extensions", "vispa/views/center", "jquery", "css!../css/style"],
// 1. an error (if any), 2. the template string, and 3. a deferred object
// (which is also the return value of "getTemplate") which can be resolved/
// rejected (if no action is performed on this object, it is resolved)
var dfd = this.getTemplate("html/democontainer.html");
this.getTemplate("html/democontainer.html", function(err, tmpl) {
$.when(promise, dfd).then(function(res, tmpl) {
// simply add the template to the node and fill the result
// res.files is set since the success method in the controller got
// the keyword argument "files"
var content = $(tmpl).appendTo(node).render(res[0]);
var content = $(tmpl).appendTo(node);
// set the background color which is already implemented in
// "applyPreferences"
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