Commit 3eae0e0e authored by Martin Urban's avatar Martin Urban
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File: remove relicts from ajax controller: exists

parent e5a7ab51
...@@ -76,13 +76,12 @@ class FSAjaxController(AbstractController): ...@@ -76,13 +76,12 @@ class FSAjaxController(AbstractController):
fs = self.get('fs') fs = self.get('fs')
self.release_database() self.release_database()
# path = path
# type = type if type else type # type = type if type else type
target_type = fs.exists(path, type=filetype) target_type = fs.exists(path, type=filetype)
if target_type: if target_type:
return self.success(type=target_type, encode_json=True) return target_type
else: else:
return return "Failed"
@cherrypy.expose @cherrypy.expose
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