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Add method tool that works with ajax tool.

parent 276e0bf2
......@@ -262,6 +262,9 @@ class Server(object):
from import AjaxTool = AjaxTool()
from import MethodTool = MethodTool()
from import JsonParameters = JsonParameters()
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Definition of the vispa method tool.
# imports
import cherrypy
import logging
from vispa import AjaxException
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class MethodTool(cherrypy.Tool):
Basically, the method tool implements the same functionality as cherrypy's built-in "allow"
tool, but in addition, this tool is compliant to our ajax tool.
def __init__(self):
super(MethodTool, self).__init__("on_start_resource", self.callable)
def callable(self, accept=None, reject=None, ajax=True):
Actual tool logic. Checks whether a request is sent with a valid HTTP method using *accept*
and *reject*. Both of them can be strings or iterables of strings. When the request not
accepted and *ajax* is *True*, the ajax tool is used to send an error. Otherwise, a
cherrypy.HTTPError is raised.
# prepare accepted methods
if accept is None:
accept = []
if not isinstance(accept, (list, tuple, set)):
accept = [accept]
accept = [method.upper() for method in accept]
# prepare rejected methods
if reject is None:
reject = []
if not isinstance(reject, (list, tuple, set)):
reject = [reject]
reject = [method.upper() for method in reject]
# get the actual request method
method = cherrypy.request.method.upper()
# method check
has_access = len(accept) == 0 or method in accept
has_access &= len(reject) == 0 or method not in reject
if not has_access:"forbidden method: %s" % method)
if len(accept) > 0:
cherrypy.response.headers["Allow"] = ", ".join(accept)
# when access is forbidden and an ajax response should be sent, create a handler that
# replaces the original one, otherwise raise a cherrypy.HTTPError
if ajax:
def handler(*args, **kwargs):
raise AjaxException("Method not allowed", code=405)
cherrypy.serving.request.handler = handler
raise cherrypy.HTTPError(405)
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