Commit 20b89654 authored by Benjamin Fischer's avatar Benjamin Fischer
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extension/codeeditor: removed superfluous part of preview path parsing regex

parent 641ca12c
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ define(["jquery", "emitter", "vispa/utils"], function($, Emitter, Utils) {
parsePreview: function(content) {
var preview = content.match(/(?:preview|plot)s?_?(?:path|dir|prefix)\s*[:=]*\s*(["']+)(.+?)\1[^\n"']*\bVISPA(?:[ -_]*codeeditor)?(?:[ -_]*preview)?\b[^\n"']*$/im);
var preview = content.match(/(?:preview|plot)s?_?(?:path|dir|prefix)\s*[:=]*\s*(["']+)(.+?)\1[^\n"']*\bVISPA\b[^\n"']*$/im);
if (!preview) return;
preview = preview[2];
if (!preview.startsWith("/")) {
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