Commit 9f050b22 authored by Dennis Noll's avatar Dennis Noll
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[config] analysis: changed lookup_set according to gourabs wishes

parent 08dc0109
......@@ -176,20 +176,11 @@ analysis.aux["btag_sf_shifts"] = [
analysis.aux["sync"] = {
"lookup_set": {
("mu", "m"),
("ee", "ee"),
("emu", "em"),
("mumu", "mm"),
("min_dhi_jet", "min_dphi_jet"),
("vbf_tag", "VBF_tag"),
("electron", "ele"),
("muon", "mu"),
("jet", "ak4Jet"),
("fat", "ak8Jet"),
("weight_gen_weight", "MC_weight"),
("weight_pileup", "PU_weight"),
("weight_trigger_electron_sf", "weight_trigger_el_sf"),
("weight_trigger_muon_sf", "weight_trigger_mu_sf"),
(b">=", b"geq"),
(b"==", b"eq"),
(b"<=", b"leq"),
(b">", b"g"),
(b"<", b"l"),
"categories": ["is_all_incl_sr_prompt"],
"eventnr": "eventnr",
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