Commit 5128fedb authored by Dennis Noll's avatar Dennis Noll
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[config] analysis: removes "constrain" because this loss is not used anymore

parent 4e8f8ec9
......@@ -274,17 +274,17 @@ analysis.processes.extend([class_HHGluGlu_NLO_reweight])
analysis.aux["multiclass"] = MulticlassConfig(
"mergedinclusive": {
"class_HHGluGlu_NLO_reweight": {"groups": ["signal", "constrain", "fit"]},
"class_HHVBF_NLO": {"groups": ["signal", "constrain", "fit"]},
"tt": {"groups": ["background", "constrain"]},
"class_HHGluGlu_NLO_reweight": {"groups": ["signal", "fit"]},
"class_HHVBF_NLO": {"groups": ["signal", "fit"]},
"tt": {"groups": ["background"]},
"st": {"groups": ["background"]},
"wjets": {"groups": ["background"]},
"H": {"groups": ["background"]},
"class_other": {"groups": ["background"]},
"ggfttbar": {
"ggHH_kl_1_kt_1_2B2WToLNu2J": {"groups": ["signal", "constrain", "fit"]},
"tt": {"groups": ["background", "constrain"]},
"ggHH_kl_1_kt_1_2B2WToLNu2J": {"groups": ["signal", "fit"]},
"tt": {"groups": ["background"]},
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