Commit 33a525b9 authored by Dennis Noll's avatar Dennis Noll
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[recipes] common: remove HACK (now done in network with blackout)

parent e55cb4d6
......@@ -398,9 +398,6 @@ class DNNBase:
groups = self.tensors[k][-1].get("groups", [])
if "multiclass" in groups and "eval" in groups:
dnn_inputs[k] = v[mask]
dnn_inputs["hl"] = dnn_inputs["hl"][
:, :30
] # HACK: used for running PlotProducer to inspect variables before doing new training
(pm,) = self.dnn(inputs=dnn_inputs).values()
target_shape = (mask.sum(), len(self.multiclass_processes))
assert pm.shape == target_shape, (pm.shape, target_shape)
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