Commit 054a254d authored by Dennis Noll's avatar Dennis Noll
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[recipe] tth: fixes bug in muon sf (must use mu_corr)

parent 029f267f
......@@ -629,9 +629,9 @@ class Base(common.NeutrinoBase, common.Base):
# fmt: off
## tight tth id
mask = (abs(lep.pdgId) == 13) & lep.gen_matched & lep.tight_cand
nominal =["muon_Tallinn_tth_tight_EGamma_SF2D"](abs(lep.eta),[mask], axis=-1) # using pT
up =["muon_Tallinn_tth_tight_error_histo_eff_data_max"](abs(lep.eta),[mask], axis=-1) # using pT
down =["muon_Tallinn_tth_tight_error_histo_eff_data_min"](abs(lep.eta),[mask], axis=-1) # using pT
nominal =["muon_Tallinn_tth_tight_EGamma_SF2D"](abs(lep.eta),[mask], axis=-1)
up =["muon_Tallinn_tth_tight_error_histo_eff_data_max"](abs(lep.eta),[mask], axis=-1)
down =["muon_Tallinn_tth_tight_error_histo_eff_data_min"](abs(lep.eta),[mask], axis=-1)
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